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Meet The Team

Past Interns

Fleur Drontmann (Van Larenstein Univ) st

Fleur Drontmann

Van Hall Larenstein University (The Netherlands)

February - July 2023

I'm  from the Netherlands and  currently in my second year of the study Animal management.  I conducted an internship at GMERC to get experience in primatology field research. My fascination for chimpanzees started at a young age, and GMERC provided me the chance to study them in the wild. I mainly focused on the territorial behaviour and hope to continuing wildlife research in the future.

Lian Bakker (Van Larenstein Univ), focusing on chimpanzees activity budgets (Feb-July 2023

Lian Bakker

Van Hall Larenstein University (The Netherlands)

February - July 2023

My name is Lian Bakker, I am a second year Animal Management student from the Netherlands. I’m doing my orientation internship at GMERC to get experience in the primatology and research field. During my internship I will focus on the activity budget of chimpanzees during seasonal fluctuations. Ive always been interested in primates and especially great apes and I hope to continue in this field in the future. So what better way than to follow my internship at GMERC.

Theresa Schulze and mushroom consumption (Sept 2022 - July 2023).jpg

Theresa Schulze

Independent Researcher

Septembr 2022 - July 2023

My name is Theresa Schulze. I recently graduated from the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg in Germany with a BSc in Biology. I joined GMERC to gain primate field experience before pursuing a Master's program. As mushrooms occur throughout the Issa Valley (esp. during the rainy season) and are long-known to be an important food for Issa's primates, my research focused on the mycophagy among chimpanzees, baboons and red-tailed monkeys. To do this, I examined when primates started consuming mushrooms, which species they consumed, and what percentage of the total diet was comprised by mushroom consumption. 


Cosmas Mpongo


February - April 2023

Cosmas began as an Intern at GMERC in early 2023 after working in Gombe National Park for over 11 years. He was promoted to full-time research assistant in May 2023.


Nick Mwanri


October - December 2022

Nick joined GMERC as an intern after graduating from Sokoine University in 2020 with a degree in Wildlife Management. He began as a full-time research assistant in early 2023 and leads our bird inventory projet, as well as plays a key role in the Chimpanzee project.


Doreen Mungure


April - May 2022

I am Doreen Mungure,  a native Tanzanian. I graduated from College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka in 2020 for a Bachelor degree in Wildlife Management. As part of my academic achievements, I conducted research on primate behaviour that focused on diurnal activity patterns of the endemic Udzungwa Red Colobus Monkey (Procolobus gordonorum) at Udzungwa Mountains National Park. I am currently working as a Primate Researcher Intern with GMERC team, focused on the behaviour, ecology and conservation of wildlife especially primate species that live across the Greater Mahale Ecosystem. With my passion in wildlife conservation, I am excited to join the GMERC team in enabling lasting existence of primates and their behavioural diversity.


Kahana Abubakari


January 2022

Habari, I have a bachelor degree in wildlife management from CAWM, Mweka. Understanding of different aspects of wildlife is important in the field of wildlife conservation and we can understand these aspects through scientific research, which is why I was interested in joining GMERC. I believe that in GMERC I'll add a great deal of knowledge and skills in scientific research, gain field experience and an understanding of different aspects of wildlife specifically primates which is necessary in the field of wildlife conservation, thanks.


Ivorda Mhakilicha


January - July 2022

I graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management. My career interest is in conducting wildlife field research for biodiversity conservation. This will help to reverse some of the damage caused by humans to the natural environment and sustain the natural environment for future generations. At GMERC I will gain experience in conducting field research and I hope that my work will result in improved conversation of biodiversity. It's also a joy to be a part of a team that's working hard to make the GMERC vision a reality.


Joyce Mkola

Data Analyst/Intern

January - December 2021

I am a holder of bachelor degree in wildlife management and a nature lover. I am very much interested in field research and conservation as it helps us discover new knowledge regarding our environment and wildlife so we can know it and be able to protect our nature and ensure it exists for the next generation.


Veronica Msigara


December 2020 - Present

I'm a University graduate with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Wildlife Science and Conservation from University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania. I'm really passionate to primate conservation because through conserving them and by protecting their habitats other wild species will also survive and we will ultimately improve the environment we all share. We humans were once part of nature, so we have to respect our roots and develop respect to all living things. Live and let live!


Sophia Boniface


October - December 2020

I am from Mwanza region, I am 24 years old and I  possess a degree in wildlife tourism from CAWM. I love nature from the bottom of my heart and I wish long term sustainability of nature, my goal is to conserve nature by any means, which is why I am so happy to work with GMERC; by doing research I'll know some conservation tips of some animal species. Asante!


Magdalena Tarimo


October - December 2020

I am a wildlife conservator professional with 6 years of progressive experience in private and public companies, including in the wildlife arena specialising in tour guiding, tourism marketing, wildlife research, and conservation. I hold a bachelor degree in wildlife management. I am passionate about learning and development and organise local safaris with student groups to create a sprit of conservation for the young generation. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Some of my other hobbies include photography, dancing, baking and travelling. My most exotic vacation was a trip to Zanzibar where I went on a safari to Stone town and a Spice tour.


Julius Nkykirize


October - November 2020

I have done forest work with chimpanzees at Kanyawara (in Kibale Forest, Uganda) and Toro-Semliki Game Reserve at Nyaburogo forest (Uganda). I  am a collaborating visitor with Mugiri Chimpanzee project with University of Indiana (USA).

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