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Meet The Team


GMERC recognises that opportunities to study wildlife and especially primates in Tanzania are limited and yet there is growing demand for field experience. We thus offer internships for those candidates who seek to learn more about field primatology, primate conservation, and scientific research in behavioural biology in western Tanzania. Our ability to offer these internships and support these aspiring Tanzanian primatologists depends on the generosity of those who share this cause. If you are interested in learning more, either to support this cause, or as a candidate to be considered, please reach out to us at


Joram Lazaro Navaya


August 2023 - present

Am a graduate from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro in 2021. My great attitude and passionate is on the field of  wildlife conservation and am strong committed to the mission. I believe in excellence and have always dedicated myself, my talents, and my creative abilities to assure the success of GMERC. I hope being part of GMERC will allow me to expand my abilities and increase my experience, and learn from international researchers. My positive attitude is a valuable asset and I am certain that my skill-set will benefit GMERC's mission .

     My core strength include but is not limited to the following, researching primate needs and coming to accurate conclusion to their requirements and keeping an eye  on their trends, condition and development . My work experience is strengthened with high responsibility and efforts.


Alice Mwombeki


August 2023 - present

My names is Alice Deogratias Mwombeki.

Am a fresh graduate from the College of African Wildlife Management -MWEKA.

My great sense of concern with and curiosity is on the field of Wildlife conservation. I hope being a part of GMERC community will give me a room to gain more field experience, Also to have a chance to meet and working with international students and researchers that will help me in strengthening my career goals and networking opportunities as a young conservationist.



Benadetha Pesambili


July 2023

My name is Benadetha Pesambili, a Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) graduate of 2022 and ecosystem conservationist who pursued BSc. In Environmental Science and Management. I have long sought to work in wildlife hotspots to support in research and wildlife conservation efforts. Whilst with GMERC, I am keen to learn more about remote monitoring of primates, especially their movement, behaviour, and the overall biodiversity that characterizes the Greater Mahale Ecosystem. 

Ambonise Mtweve_edited.jpg

Ambonise Mtweve


July 2023 - present

My name is Ambonise Joachim Mtweve, a graduate with a Bachelor degree in Wildlife Management from the college of African Wildlife Management. I am working with GMERC as a Research Assistant-intern and I believe this opportunity will give me the necessary training to pursue a future degree in primate behaviour, especially in great apes like chimpanzees. Therefore I believe that this will be an important opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge and also give me the opportunity to work closely with leading scientists in the field of protecting biodiversity. I am happy and I believe this is the right place for me!


Epifania Temu


October 2022 - present

I am Epifania Temu, a Tanzanian and Sokoine University of Agriculture graduate (2022) with a BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management. My wildlife enthusiasm dates back to 2021 as the Ecological Field Assistant at the Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre with a major operational focus on primate monitoring, tracking, and camera trapping. I believe that “the welfare of wildlife biodiversity is among other things dependent on and dictated by the ecological suitability and climate favorability”. This drives my interest as GMERC Intern to further chimpanzee habitat conservation strategies via in-depth research (investigation) and analysis of the joint influence of ecological and climatological parameters on the chimpanzee population.  In recognition of the wider role of the ecosystem and habitat in rescuing the Threatened Chimpanzee (IUCN Red List), I envision “acting strategizing on Conserving Habitat and halting ecosystem degradation in a changing climate for Chimpanzee and the general biodiversity of the Greater Mahale Ecosystem”.

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