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7 December 2023
Sam Baker, Simon Sungura, Kidosi Rarent

Sam Baker is interviewed on his paper describing Issa chimpanzee scavenging of a (likely) raptor kill! Read more here on LiveScience

18 November 2023
Issa chimpanzee termite fishing

Find out what Seth Phillips and colleagues described about the relationship between Issa chimpanzees and termite slates! Coverage on Frontiers and Cosmos, and among others.

4 December 2022

LOTS of (media) coverage of our collaborative paper led by Rhianna Drummond-Clarke on chimpanzee terrestriality and bipedalism. See some of the stories in The Guardian, The Smithsonian MagazineThe Independent, CNN, Zeit online, and a reflection piece by Alex Piel and Fiona Stewart in The Conversation. Fabulous work all!

17 October 2022

Read Abhishyant Kidangoor's perspective piece on conservation technology, "Technology makes studying wildlife easier, but access isn’t equal" on Mongabay, here.

19 October 2021
Pant hooting_2017_AKP.jpg

Interview and summary presentation on PeerJ's Blog of Crunchant et al.'s study on vocalisation behaviour in Issa chimpanzees!

26 March 2021

In The Economist, a write-up of our recent paper led by Katie Amato on the evolution of fermented food consumption in primates! Read the original article here and the Economist piece here.

19 November 2020
Bonnin et al. Fig2.jpg

In The Conversation, Noemie Bonnin, Fiona Stewart, and Alex Piel discuss their recent paper on using circuit theory to understand chimpanzee habitat connectivity. Read the write-up here and the original article here

15 September 2020
Kalan et al. Fig2.png

In The Conversation, Erin Wessling, Fiona Stewart, and Alex Piel discuss their recent paper on chimpanzee behavioural flexibility...especially diverse in mosaic (savanna) habitats. Read the write-up here and the original article here.

See additional write-ups on ABC news and Science Daily.

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