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Visiting Issa or Joining GMERC


We invite qualified individuals to join our research team, and are open to discussing potential independent studies for those interested. Visits can range from as short as one month to up to a year, but this must be decided in advance for permit reasons. It is critical that incoming researchers know what to expect, and also what is expected of them. Here is a compilation of things that are useful to know whilst you are planning your travel.

Take a Tour of Issa!

Sit back and relax as we take you on a virtual tour of our research station. Using a research drone, Prof. Serge Wich, has captured the essence of our camp deep within the trees of the surrounding Issa Valley.

For further insight into what to expect at our research site and within the Issa Valley, watch the below videos for the experiences of LJMU Msc students who visit us as part of their programs in Primate Behaviour and Conservation or Wildlife Conservation and UAV applications.

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