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Outreach and Capacity Building

Although our primary focus is the scientific research and conservation of Issa’s primates and sympatric wildlife, we have made concerted attempts to get involved in community outreach and also to expand capacity of both our team and others around us. Below we describe some of our work. Please contact us if you would like to support any of these specific activities.

DePaul, July2018.jpg

DePaul School Sponsorship, Uvinza

Since 2013, GMERC and friends have initiated and sponsored students in DePaul school in Uvinza. As of January 2021, we facilitate the sponsorship of nine primary-school students, with another four having been graduated to secondary school, who we continue to sponsor. We are enormously proud of these GMERC family members and equally excited to support them fulfil their intellectual potential!

A. Piel with students Deus and Vincent from DePaul School - two recipients of GMERC sponsorship


Environmental Education

We have regularly hosted "Environmental Education" days when GMERC team members hosted stations that illustrated everything from important plants for both humans and wildlife, to example camera trap footage from the Issa Valley. Recently, Rhianna Drummond-Clarke and Susan Chege (left) discussed the importance of science, conservation, research, and staying in school to students in Uvinza and Kigoma

Rhianna Drummond-Clarke and Susan Chege with students at Depaul School (Uvinza)


Kingereza (English)!

Whilst some GMERC staff are comfortable communicating in English, others identify it as an important skill that has wide ranging applications in their life, but that they seek to improve  As a result, we have regularly asked John Mayengo - a teacher from Kigoma - to the forest to host language training days with the team. These sessions build solidarity, but also inspire the team to practice what they learn from John, even after he has left.

John Mayengo - a teacher from Kigoma - teaches English to GMERC staff


Issa Internships

Tanzania's higher education institutions produce well-trained, inspired graduates each year that seek field experience, especially in research and conservation organisations. At GMERC, interns lead independent studies, help develop new data-collection protocols, and gain valuable skills in behavioural biology.  Our ability to offer these internships and support these aspiring Tanzanian scientists depends on generosity  from 3rd party donations. If you are interested in learning more, either to support this cause, or as a candidate to be considered, please reach out to us at

Intern Veronica Msigara at Issa

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