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Meet The Team

Current Researchers and Students

Rhianna Drummond-Clarke


PhD student, Max Plank Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, Dept. of Human Origins (Germany)

May-December 2023

Rhianna’s fascination with apes started whilst studying for a masters in Palaeobiology at UCL, where she studied ape dental morphology as a means to place fossil apes into ape taxonomy. She then wanted to explore the relationship between form and function further, leading her to seek work opportunities with living apes. She has since worked in chimpanzee conservation and research in Guinea and The Ivory Coast, and is now a PhD student studying chimpanzee positional behaviour and habitat use with Tracy Kivell at MPI-EVA. See a recent paper here and follow her blog here!

Rebecca McCann


Research Coordinator

August 2023 - present

Coming soon!

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